Hello people of Silvertales?

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Hello people of Silvertales?

Post by Lisathecute on 26/12/2015, 08:36

So I found this website through KayleeKitti's message on Transformice and uh, yeah. I'm Lisa.

- I basically trained myself to type with decent grammar. So that's why I'm a Grammar Warden most of the time.
- I'm level 67 on TFM. Or was it level 66?
- I'm obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies even though it's rather old.
- I dream of helping Kaylee/Kida code this website sometime.
- I like writing.
- I use - in lists instead of bullet points and I use ~ instead of - to sign off. Got that?

I like emojis.  santa 

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Re: Hello people of Silvertales?

Post by whoa on 14/1/2016, 17:21

welcome to silvertales, lisathecute! it's great to see you here.

here are the current rules: http://silvertales.forumotion.com/t3-silver-tales-guidelines
if you have any questions, ask them here: http://silvertales.forumotion.com/t28-silver-tales-qa
if you'd like to suggest anything, do so here: http://silvertales.forumotion.com/t15-suggestions-for-silvertales

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Re: Hello people of Silvertales?

Post by Juuzou on 5/3/2016, 11:22

welcome to silvertales!!
hope you have a great time here!

"못하겠어, 뭣 같아서. 제발 핑계 같은 건 삼가줘."
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Re: Hello people of Silvertales?

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