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Art Rules: Read before posting!!

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Art says over 1000 words, and that phrase is quite literal. 
To keep the words the art says appropriate for all, it's best to have rules around here.

1. Keep everything PG-13
Keep all gore and romantic scenes at a minimum, we don't want anything explicit around here. We have people of different ages browsing this forum, let's keep it nice for everyone! If you are not sure if something is explicit, ask someone from the Artist group.

2. Place all art in Spoilers
Some people have slow or laggy computers, let's go easy on them.

3. Be nice!
No one will be at your level, and you may not like the way a person did something in their art. If they want a critique, they would more than likely ask for it or post their art in the Art Critique Centre.

Artists are moderators in the Art section!

"못하겠어, 뭣 같아서. 제발 핑계 같은 건 삼가줘."
"I can't do it, this sucks. Please don't give me any excuses."
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