Silver Tales: Project Revive

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Silver Tales: Project Revive

Post by Juuzou on 24/5/2018, 22:11

Hey, everyone! 
It's been so long since this website has been touched! I have been reminded of this website's existence thanks to my friend ChibiCutey, and we have decided to spend this summer reviving this website! In order to do this, I am doing the following: 

  • Demoting all current staff members due to inactivity 
  • Adding more categories and sections based on suggestions
  • Giving rewards for those who invite a specific amount of people
  • Giving the website itself a whole new look, since, well, it's pretty outdated. 

If you would like to help make the website grow, please feel free to give me any ideas you have for the forum and invite your friends! Also, if you would like a staff position (Moderator, Artist, Helper), please send me a PM, and I'll give you the position! 

Let's make SilverTales great again~! 

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