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Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter Empty Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

Post by whoa on 4/8/2015, 16:22

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Warriors is a popular children's fiction series written by the Erin Hunter team (Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, and Victoria Holmes). The story follows wild  domestic cats (warriors) living in different groups' (clans) adventures. The series mostly revolves around ThunderClan.

The novels come in arcs; with each arc being 6 books long. The current arcs are The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, and Dawn of the Clans. A new 6th arc was confirmed by a member of the team, rumoured to be called The Apprentice's Quest.

Discuss anything about Warrior Cats below, from the bloodlines to your own characters.
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